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Pixels Inc. - Marketing Agency

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We are excited to announce a new chapter in the Pixels Inc. story

Pixels has been in business for the past 12 years, and it is with great pleasure that we announce a new owner group for Pixels inc., as of July 13th, 2016. Among the owners are Jeff and Sherri Hoeppner, who have been a part of Pixels for the past 2 and 4 years respectively. Their management and account relationships form what we hope will continue to be a seamless transition for our existing clients.

A new face in the office, but well known in our community is Connie Bailey. She brings, among numerous strengths, a social media expertise to our team, and our offering. Connie’s husband Sheldon Bailey, as well as John and Beverly Blatz make up the complete owner group, and bring a wealth of knowledge to this family run business.

We would be amiss not to thank Rick Knelsen and Amanda Fehr for the leadership they have given to Pixels, and for the encouragement and opportunities that have allowed Pixels to grow and advance as a business. As they continue in business, we wish them every success in their current and future ventures. We have already begun to expand our team, adding Dan Loewen to our existing group of very talented designers and developers. Together with Cassie Gelean (mat. leave), Moses Rietze and Jayna Friesen, and a few talented photography/ videography experts, our team can and will deliver professional and elevated creative projects.

Pixels Inc. exists to partner with our clients; building successful relationships that allow us insight into their goals. We strategically position our clients to get in front their ideal audience; through websites, event planning, advertising, social media campaigns, AdWords and SEO initiatives, as well as sourcing branded merchandise and signage. Logo creation, print design and print services are also a part of our offering, and allow us to completely serve the many needs of our clients. We look forward to finding new and greater ways to give our clients the competitive advantage in their markets. We are committed to ongoing growth as a team and in our offering and look forward to serving our client partners for years to come.

Pixels owners and staff

How we're different

How we're different

We stand on some pretty strong foundational values that dictate how we build relationships and manage projects. These things make us different, and are why it’d be a great idea for you to work with us.


We do what we say.

Seems like a revolutionary concept, but it’s true. It’s very important to us to follow through on what we say and grow relationships built on trust.


Love what we do and continuousily discover ways to make it fun for us and our clients.

Be bold, take risks, make mistakes and have fun learning in the process. Passion breeds results. We love seeing our team work late because they love what they do. We love for our clients to enjoy working with us and sharing fun stories about the wonderful people at Pixels.


Walking in love. Accept, encourage and be honest.

Most of us were taught this as kids, but it still takes practice on a daily basis to do. We’re all human and make mistakes; but by walking in love, each of us are better positioned to reach our individual potential.


Whatever is "good enough", do it better. Then find ways to do it better than that.

Settling for good enough is boring. We’re constantly tuned in for opportunities to improve our client’s experience and the effectiveness of our services in meeting the goals of your business.


Creative collaboration, uncovering great ideas and bringing out the best in everyone we work with.

It’s just amazing what kind of ideas and ideas can result from creative collaboration and teamwork.

Client-Driven Value

It’s about helping our clients reach their goals.

Oh what absolute fun it is to define a big vision, the strategic goals to support the big vision; and then dig our heels into the ground to help our clients reach their goals. This is why Pixels exists.

Our Team

Meet our team of passionate collaborative & creative difference makers

Jeff Hoeppner

Business Development & Account Executive

Connie Bailey

Account Manager / Social Media Strategist

Sherri Hoeppner

Project Manager / Accounting

Moses Rietze

Graphic Designer / Developer

Jayna Friesen


Dan Loewen

Graphic Designer

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When you partner with Pixels, we become an extension of your business. You'll have access to a bunch of talented strategic planners, designers, developers and project managers. First step: A couple of mugs filled with good coffee. Then let's chat about how we can help you meet your business goals.

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  • Jeff Hoeppner

  • Business Development & Account Executive
  • Connie Bailey

  • Account Manager / Social Media Strategist
  • Sherri Hoeppner

  • Project Management / Accounting